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Services Overview


When choosing a propane supplier, you want the right partner. From water heating to fueling your gas fireplace, propane has a number of significant uses around the home. Economy Propane is working hard for you behind the scenes, playing an important role in movie nights, family dinners, and that relaxing bath you've waited all day for.


Home is where family lives and friends gather. It’s a sacred place made even more special when you have the propane you need when you need it. That’s why hundreds of local families turn only to Economy Propane for all their residential propane needs.


Contact us today to become a member of the Economy Propane family.


When it comes to your business, dependability from your propane dealer is crucial. Every day, Economy Propane is trusted by area businesses to deliver propane.


At Economy Propane, our propane powers the forklifts that move precious cargo into, out of, and through local warehouses. Our propane helps keep construction professionals warm when they’re building homes and commercial buildings in our growing communities. Many of our nation’s private, municipal, and school bus fleets are making the switch to clean-burning propane autogas, an area that Economy Propane can assist in as well. Many of our reseller customers even fill the grill bottles that are used by area residents during their weekend and holiday get-togethers.


Whether your business is large or small, new or in its fourth generation, Economy Propane is the right partner for you. Contact us today to become a part of our family.


It’s more than a farm, it’s a business that puts food on your table and the tables of countless others.

Economy Propane has served the propane needs of this area’s farmers for many years. We understand the unique requirements of today’s agricultural business, and we work directly with them to ensure their goals are met.

Our trained professionals can help design a propane system for every agribusiness, no matter what that business is:

•    Crop drying

•    Livestock confinement

•    Brooder house heating

•    Tobacco curing

•    Flame weeding

•    Fuel for farm equipment

Contact Economy Propane today for more information.